CFR Patio was founded in 2012 by father and son duo, Brian and Collin Lee.

   Originally founded to be a resource for fine outdoor furniture owners to refurbish their outdoor furniture, Attention to detail and quality workmanship has always been a cornerstone to their dedication to the craft. After gaining the experience from reverse engineering thousands of outdoor furniture pieces, numerous brands, types, and styles of furniture, they started on their journey to creating what fine furniture buyers needed most; Furniture designed, engineered and built for longevity. Our mission is to create products that outlast the competition while maintaining elegant and sophisticated furniture designs.


   CFR Patio Custom Outdoor Furniture started designing quality products engineered to last for many decades to come without spending a fortune. They discovered that many "high-end" brands tend to over engineer the furniture creating issues that don't lend themselves to longevity. While a furniture designer can certainly think up beautiful looking furniture, They can't always predict how the furniture will preform longer than 5 years of elemental exposure.


   CFR Patio's manufacturing infrastructure is entirely vertically integrated. From metal fabrication to upholstery, CFR Patio has assembled a roster of talented and experienced team members to build quality outdoor furniture that is made for you. All production happens under one roof in Pomona, California with state-of-the art equipment, modernized production methods and planning.